Personal Injury

Woodbridge, NJ Personal Injury Law Firm

shutterstock_153988022-1024x683Protecting the right of NJ clients after serious injury

Suffering from a serious injury has life-altering implications. You could be burdened with overwhelming medical bills, lost wages, and a lifetime impacted by one single moment. When that accident was caused by the negligence of someone else, it is important to consider your legal options regarding compensation. When your injuries are caused by someone else and you can prove that, they may be liable for your medical bills, income lost, and the effects of the injury on your future. If you need an experienced law firm to assess your case and passionately represent your interests, contact The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, Esq.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, Esq. has over 25 years of experience handling all motor vehicle accidents for clients across New Jersey. Attorney Maze handles all auto accidents, including car, truck, motorcycle, train, and bus accidents. If you are seriously injured as a passenger, pedestrian, or cyclist, you can trust in the legal services of Andrew S. Maze, Esq. Whether you need to sue a negligent person or municipality, you need quality legal support from an effective law firm.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can leave a victim with serious injuries. When you are faced with a serious injury after a slip and fall accident, you need an effective attorney to protect your future. The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, Esq. understands the impact a slip and fall accident has on the victim. The firm handles all slip and fall matters, including sidewalk, parking lot, municipal, and supermarket accidents.

Workplace Accidents

Whether we work in an office or on a construction site, every employee is subject to some degree of danger in the workplace. All jobs have the potential to cause injuries that can devastate a person’s life. Though everyone tries to take the proper care at work, accidents are bound to happen. In those instances, workers’ compensation is in place to address the issues that come up after a workplace accident.

Dog Bite Injury

A dog is a wonderful addition to one’s home. They provide unconditional love and affection to those who need companionship. Many dogs become a member of the family and brighten the lives of the people they touch. Many dogs are trained well by responsible, caring owners. Unfortunately, not all dogs have the support of competent owners. Some dog owners do not train their animals or train their dog to be aggressive leading to dangerous situations.