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Personal Injury and Criminal Lawyer In Rahway, NJ

Rahway, NJ, is a city in southern Union County, New Jersey. It is populated primarily with residential buildings, rather than commercial or industrial, and is referred to as a “bedroom” community of New York City, which is another term for a commuting town. Rahway is located 15 miles southwest of Manhattan and five miles west of Staten Island, New York. It was built on the Rahway River and was an industrial and artisanal craft city for most of its rich history.

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Personal Injury in Rahway, NJ

If you have experienced severe injuries due to a car accident or a slip and fall that hinder your capability for self-care and work, you might encounter substantial medical expenses and emotional distress. You will require a personal injury lawyer with the expertise, experience, and capacity to fight for all of the benefits and compensation you are lawfully entitled to. Our expert personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze will work closely with our clients in Rahway, NJ to ensure the success of their legal actions.

Auto Accidents

A prevalent cause for seeking a personal injury attorney often arises from involvement in an automobile accident. At The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, our team of personal injury accident lawyers is adept at advocating for individuals, whether they are drivers, passengers, or pedestrians, to secure rightful compensation for their injuries and associated losses. With extensive experience in handling auto accidents in Rahway, NJ, our attorneys have also managed cases involving various types of vehicles beyond automobiles, including trucks and motorcycles.

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Slip and Falls

A property owner bears the responsibility for upkeep and safety on all pathways. Hazards such as unshoveled snow, uncleared ice, tree roots, potholes, deteriorating sidewalks, wet surfaces, and similar issues are easily preventable or correctable. Should you experience a slip and fall due to the property owner’s negligence in maintaining safe walkways or failure to warn of potential dangers, they may be held accountable for your injuries. At The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, our accident lawyers are dedicated to securing fair compensation for your slip and fall injuries, lost earnings, and other damages. If you trip and fall in Rahway, NJ, our team is prepared to assist you with every aspect of your premises liability case.

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Workplace Accidents

As an employee in Rahway, New Jersey, it’s crucial to feel secure and safeguarded in your workplace environment. Whether you’re employed in construction or another industry, workplaces can pose hazards, and worker’s compensation provides a means for compensation without resorting to legal action against your employer. If your injury is caused by a third party, you may have the option to pursue legal action against them while still receiving worker’s compensation benefits. The accident attorneys at The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze are here to help you secure the compensation necessary to cover medical expenses and potentially lost wages. Additionally, our skilled personal injury lawyers will guide you through the process of applying for and obtaining workers’ compensation benefits.

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Dog Bites

Dog attacks have the potential to result in severe injuries, such as torn tendons, deformities, and facial disfigurement. The owners of dogs are accountable for their pet’s actions, and should their dogs cause harm to others, they may encounter legal repercussions. If bitten, it’s important to obtain the owner’s name and contact details and to promptly seek medical attention. New Jersey law offers legal protection for dog bite victims, and our experienced injury lawyers are committed to assisting you in securing a favorable outcome for your case in Rahway, NJ.

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Product Liability

Sometimes, product accidents occur despite our diligent precautions to prevent them. A product may be deemed defective for one of three reasons: design flaws, manufacturing errors, or the absence of warnings regarding potential hazards when used in unintended ways. If you’ve suffered an injury due to a product in Rahway, NJ, you have a two-year window from the incident date to initiate legal action. Retaining the product that caused your injury until the conclusion of your case is essential for establishing its liability. With our personal injury attorneys’ wealth of experience in product liability litigation, we are dedicated to helping you secure the highest possible compensation.

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Wrongful Death

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is profoundly traumatic, particularly when it results from neglect. While no amount of monetary compensation can ease the pain of such a loss, it can provide support during a difficult period. Our team of personal injury attorneys is committed to working closely with you to ensure that you receive equitable compensation and benefits during this challenging time.

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Criminal Law in Rahway, NJ

Having a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and its application to individual cases is essential in criminal law practice. At The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, our legal team possesses extensive knowledge of New Jersey statutes and is dedicated to constructing a robust case on your behalf.

DWI Defense

If you find yourself arrested for DWI in Rahway, NJ, it’s crucial to seek out a seasoned attorney to advocate for you. DWI allegations carry serious consequences, including fines, imprisonment, and a permanent criminal record. At The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, our skilled team will assist you in crafting a robust defense and challenging the charges lodged against you.

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First Offense

If you find yourself facing a first-time DUI charge in Rahway, NJ, the severity of penalties depends on your blood alcohol content (BAC). A BAC ranging from over 0.08% to less than 0.1% carries several consequences, including potential jail time of up to 30 days, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for three months, and substantial fines. For BAC levels between 0.1% and 0.15%, penalties escalate. Additionally, individuals under the age of 21 face significant legal repercussions even with minimal BAC readings. Furthermore, allowing someone else to drive your vehicle under the influence can lead to charges against you. If you’re in this situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our DUI defense attorneys for assistance in regaining control of your life.

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Second Offense

A second DUI offense within a decade can lead to significant penalties, including a potential 90-day jail sentence, a two-year suspension of your driver’s license, and substantial fines. Even after your license is reinstated, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for an extended period. Permitting an intoxicated individual to operate your vehicle in Rahway, NJ could result in a subsequent DUI charge if apprehended. Therefore, it’s imperative never to allow an impaired person to drive your car. Reach out to the Law Office of Andrew S. Maze for skilled DUI defense attorneys who will vigorously advocate for your rights.

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Third Offense

A third DUI offense within a decade carries heightened consequences, such as escalated jail sentences and fines. Our experienced DWI lawyers are adept at mitigating these penalties or potentially dismissing the case altogether. If you’re facing multiple DUI charges in Rahway, NJ, don’t hesitate to contact us promptly for proficient legal representation.

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Drug DUI

New Jersey’s drug laws impose severe penalties, particularly for individuals caught with illegal substances while operating a vehicle. Driving under the influence of drugs in Rahway, NJ can result in both a DUI and a drug-related charge, leading to substantial fines that may adversely impact your future and financial stability. At The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, we specialize in defending individuals facing accusations of DUI and narcotics offenses. If you’re confronting this situation, we urge you to reach out to our legal team without delay.

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High BAC

A person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) indicates their degree of intoxication while operating a vehicle. Higher BAC levels, typically above 0.1%, incur more severe penalties compared to lower levels. A BAC of 0.15% or higher results in even stiffer sanctions. An experienced DWI defense lawyer can strive to mitigate or dismiss these penalties. At The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, our DWI attorneys diligently craft robust defenses to protect your rights in Rahway, NJ.

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