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Personal Injury and Criminal Lawyer In Sayreville, NJ

Sayreville is a quaint borough in Middlesex County located on the south banks of the Raritan River nestled in the heart of the Raritan Valley. This community has a rich history of Native American residents and later, European settlers. Sayreville’s population has steadily increased over the past few decades due to many technology companies calling it home. Additionally, a master redevelopment of Sayreville’s landscape is progressing to include shopping malls, houses, marinas, restaurants, and more, making it a great place to work and raise a family.

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Personal Injury in Sayreville, NJ

If you sustain serious injuries in a car accident or a slip and fall that impair your ability to care for yourself and earn a living, you may face large medical bills and psychological trauma. A personal injury lawyer with the expertise, experience, and capacity to fight for all of the benefits and compensation to which you are lawfully entitled. Our expert personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze work closely with our clients in Sayreville, New Jersey to ensure the success of their legal actions.

Auto Accidents

One of the most common reasons for looking for a personal injury attorney is if an individual is involved in an auto accident. The personal injury accident lawyers at The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze will expertly defend you, whether you are a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, to ensure you receive compensation for your injuries and other damages. Our attorneys are experienced with handling auto accidents in Sayreville, NJ, and were involved in vehicles other than automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles.

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Slip and Falls

A property owner is responsible for maintaining all paths and keeping them safe. Unshoveled snow, uncleared ice, tree roots, potholes, crumbling sidewalks, wet flooring, and other hazard-related issues that can be readily avoided or rectified. A property owner may be held liable for your injuries if you slip and fall due to their negligence in maintaining safe walkways or failing to warn you of potentially dangerous conditions. The accident lawyers at The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze will work tirelessly to ensure you receive fair compensation for any injuries, lost income, and other losses caused by your slip and fall accident. If you trip and fall in Sayreville, New Jersey, we can help with all facets of your premises liability case.

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Workplace Accidents

As an employee in Sayreville, New Jersey, you should feel comfortable and protected at work. Whether you work in construction or another field, the workplace can be hazardous, and worker’s compensation permits you to be compensated without suing your company. If a third party causes your injury, you may be allowed to sue them while still receiving worker’s compensation payments. The accident attorneys at The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze will help you get the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and maybe lost wages. Our expert personal injury lawyers will also assist you in applying for and getting workers’ compensation.

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Dog Bites

Dog attacks can cause serious injuries, including ripped tendons, deformities, and facial disfigurement. Dog owners are responsible for their dogs’ behavior, and if they cause harm to others, they might face legal consequences. If bitten, obtain the owner’s name and contact information, and seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Dog bite victims are legally protected in New Jersey, and our professional injury lawyers will help you win your case in Sayreville, NJ.

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Product Liability

Product accidents are sometimes unavoidable, despite our best efforts to prevent them. A product might be defective for one of three reasons: design, manufacturing, or failure to warn of possible hazards when not used as intended. If you were injured by a product in Sayreville, NJ, you have two years from the incident date to file a lawsuit. Keeping the product that caused your injury until the conclusion of your case is critical for proving its culpability. Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in product liability litigation and will help you achieve the maximum compensation.

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Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is traumatic, especially if it is due to neglect. Although monetary compensation cannot relieve the agony of loss, it can help during a challenging time. Our personal injury attorneys will work directly with you to guarantee you receive fair compensation and benefits.

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Criminal Law in Sayreville, NJ

Understanding the legal system and how it applies to specific cases is critical when practicing criminal law. At The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, our legal team is well-versed in New Jersey statutes and will build a solid case for you.

DWI Defense

If you are facing a DWI arrest in Sayreville, NJ, you should find an experienced attorney to represent you. DWI charges can lead to fines, jail time, and a criminal record. At The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, our trained staff will help you prepare a strong defense and fight the allegations brought against you.

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First Offense

If you are caught for a first-time DUI in Sayreville, NJ, you may face penalties ranging in severity according to your blood alcohol content (BAC). A BAC of more than 0.08% but less than 0.1% carries various penalties, including 30 days in jail, a three-month ignition interlock device fitted in your vehicle, and hundreds of dollars in fines. If your BAC is between 0.1% and 0.15 percent, the consequences are more severe. If you are under the age of 21, even the smallest BAC reading will have major legal ramifications. You will also be charged if you allow someone else to drive your vehicle and that person is confirmed to be driving. If you find yourself in this situation, contact our DUI defense attorneys to help you get your life back on track.

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Second Offense

A second DUI within ten years can result in serious consequences, such as 90 days in jail, a two-year license suspension, and large fines. You may need to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for several years, even after your license has been returned. Allowing someone under the influence to drive your car in Sayreville, NJ may result in a second DUI if caught. As a result, you should never allow someone under the influence to drive your vehicle. Contact the Law Office of Andrew S. Maze for experienced DUI defense attorneys who will fight for you.

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Third Offense

A third DUI within ten years has more serious consequences, including increased jail time and fines. Our skilled DWI lawyers can assist you in reducing some of these penalties or even having the case dropped. If you have received multiple DUI charges in Sayreville, NJ, please call us as soon as possible for expert representation.

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Drug DUI

New Jersey’s drug laws are strict, especially if caught with illegal narcotics while driving. Driving under the influence of drugs in Sayreville, NJ can lead to both a DUI and a drug charge. This can result in significant fines that harm your future and financial well-being. The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze specializes in defending people accused of DUI and narcotics. If you are encountering this issue, please contact our legal team immediately.

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High BAC

A person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measures their level of intoxication while driving. BAC values above 0.1% result in harsher sanctions than lower BAC levels. A BAC of 0.15% results in even harsher sanctions. A DWI defense lawyer can work to reduce or eliminate your penalties. At The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze, our DWI attorneys work hard to build a solid defense.

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