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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Who Pays My Medical Bills in a Car Accident?

What Type of Doctor Should I Seek When I Am Seriously Injured?

What Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

What Is Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

What Is Important to Know About Motorcycle Accidents?

What Is Important to Know About Leaving the Scene of an Accident?

What Happens if I Get Injured as a Pedestrian or on a Bicycle?

What Do I Need to Prove When I Get Hurt in a Trip and Fall Accident?

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Lawsuit for My Accident Case in New Jersey?

How Long Does It Take to Recover Damages in an Automobile Accident?

How Do I Get Reimbursed for My Medical Bills After Being Injured in a Car Accident?

Does the Other Persons Car Have to Pay My Property Damage?

Can I Sue if the Accident Is Partially My Fault?

Slip & Fall

Who Pays My Medical Bills When I Am Injured in a Trip and Fall Accident?

What If I Slip and Fall on Ice?

Do I Need a Lawyer if I Get Hurt on Someone Else’s Property?

Do I Have a Claim if I Slip and Fall on Another Person’s Property?

Workplace Accidents

What Should I Do When I Get Hurt on the Job?

What Rights Do You Have When You Get Injured on the Job?

If I Am Hurt on the Job Can I Still Sue for My Injuries?

Are There Time Limits Regarding When I Should Let My Employer Know About an Injury?

Dog Bite

What Should You Ask the Dog Owner if Their Dog Bites You?

If You’ve Been Bitten by a Dog How Do You Know if You Have a Case?

General Personal Injury

What Is a Deposition Testimony?

What Is Loss of Wages?

What Damages Are Recoverable in a Personal Injury Case?

What Are Statutes of Limitations and Notice of Claim Deadlines?

What Are Independent Medical Exams?

Is a Statute of Limitation Different When a Child Is Injured Due to Negligence?

How Long Will My Case Take?

How Are Personal Injury Attorneys Paid?

Do I Have to Travel to Your Office to File a Claim?

Do I Have to Be Concerned About What I Post on Social Media After I Am Involved in an Accident?

Will My Accident Case Have to Go to Trial?

Can a Child Bring a Lawsuit?

Can an Undocumented Immigrant Sue for Injuries Without Fear of Deportation?

What Are Statutes of Limitations for Injuries?


When Are You Required to Have an Ignition Interlock Device?

What’s Important to Know About Prior DWI’s?

What Is the Field Sobriety Test Process?

What Is Important to Know About BAC Levels in New Jersey?

What Are the Penalties for a First-Offense DUI?

Should I Take a Breathalyzer Test?

DWI Overview

Does New Jersey Have Hardship Licenses?

Am I Required to Take a Breathalyzer Test?

Criminal/ Municipal

What Should I Know About Drug Charges in New Jersey?

What If I Was Caught Driving on a Suspended License?

What Are the Different Types of Insurance Coverage?

What Are Temporary and Final Restraining Orders?

Plea Bargaining Overview

How Can a Lawyer Help Me With My Speeding Ticket?

Will I Have a Criminal Record on My First Criminal Offense?


Who Will Handle My Case in the Office?

Firm Overview