Premises Liability in Autumn

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, and colorful leaves are drifting downward from the trees. Fall has come to New Jersey. A new season can bring new safety challenges for you and your family, especially when negligent property owners do not take proper precautions. Thankfully, the legal concept of premises liability will hold irresponsible property owners liable if you are injured while visiting their property. Today, our legal experts at The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze will tell you everything you need to know about premises liability in autumn. 


What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is a legal principle that holds property owners liable for injuries incurred on their property if those injuries resulted from the negligence of those property owners. If you are injured this fall, you can successfully sue the owner of the property on which you were injured if you and your legal representation can prove the injury occurred under certain conditions. You must prove that you were legally allowed on the property (usually because you were invited or hired by the owner to be there), that the property owner was negligent in rectifying the unsafe conditions on their property, and that this negligence caused your injury.

The burden of proof in premises liability cases is on the injured party cases, so it is very important to have proper legal representation that can navigate the nuances of your case. If you are injured this fall by a negligent property owner, you may not only face physical pain, but also high medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Premises liability provides people injured by the negligence of property owners with a path for pursuing compensation. Please call The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze if you are injured and in need of an attorney. 


Premises Liability in Autumn: The Slip and Fall Risks of Fall

Fall’s arrival provides unique opportunities for homeowners to neglect their duty to ensure that their property is safe for visitors. Homeowner negligence can cause injury to you and your loved ones. Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits in the US every year, and many of these falls are caused by the unique seasonal conditions of autumn. It’s important to think about how you can prevent a premises liability in autumn by staying prepared. Here are four threats to keep an eye out for this fall.

Fallen Leaves

The season of Fall is named for the falling leaves that many tree species shed in preparation for winter. Many people enjoy watching the leaves change from green to orange, yellow, and red. Sadly, fallen leaves can create slippery surfaces, making it easy for individuals to slip and fall. If you slip and get injured because a property owner failed to clear leaves from their walkway, driveway, or deck, you may be able to successfully sue for compensation. 

Icy Conditions

Temperatures drop significantly during fall, which can cause wet surfaces to freeze and become an icy slip-and-fall hazard. Property owners should take measures to prevent these conditions from emerging on their property. Property owners can make their properties safer by applying sand or salt to walkways before, or immediately after, fall frosts and by not allowing household yard water to freeze over walkways. If a homeowner’s failure to take these precautions causes you to be injured, you would have a good chance of winning a premise liability lawsuit against them. 

Lack of Outdoor Lighting

Daylight hours get shorter as fall turns into winter, and this can lead to inadequate outdoor lighting. Dark conditions, particularly in conjunction with previously mentioned seasonal hazards, can present a major threat to visitor safety. If you are injured on a property with insufficient lighting, you may be able to win a premises liability lawsuit. 

Seasonal Decorations

Halloween and other seasonal displays can be tripping hazards to visitors and can pose a safety threat, particularly in conjunction with other fall hazards that create slip-and-fall risks and obscure visibility. Property owners who fail to strategically place seasonal displays in such a way that they do not impede the traversal of their property will be more vulnerable to premises liability suits in case of injury. 

The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze

If you are injured this fall (or any time of year) because of a negligent property owner, you must get experienced legal counsel. If you or a family member are injured and need an experienced personal injury attorney to provide you with quality legal support, please contact The Law Office of Andrew S. Maze.

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