Finding a Personal Injury Attorney


"<bFinding a Personal Injury Attorney

Maybe you’ve had an auto or workplace accident, a slip, and fall, or a dog bite. You’re hurt physically and emotionally, and the bills keep piling up. You are struggling and so is your family. A claim can be filed against the negligent party, but you will need assistance in navigating the legal process. You need assistance finding a personal injury attorney!

Now that you have decided to hire an attorney, it’s important that you research and hire a reputable and reliable attorney that is committed to your case and to producing the best possible outcome. These guidelines can help you choose the best attorney for you:

  • Focus
    Lawyers, like doctors, have specialties. Therefore, you’ll want an attorney who has experience in this area and represents clients in personal injury cases.
  • Years of Experience
    You’ll want to select a lawyer that has been involved with cases similar to yours. Your lawyer should have many years of experience in personal injury as well as in legal practice. Experienced attorneys also have resources of experts and professionals to help build your case. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about past cases and their outcomes.
  • Disciplinary Record
    You’ll want an attorney who has a good disciplinary record and is in good standing with the state in which they practice or with the bar association. In New Jersey, you can easily find out if a lawyer has been censured, suspended, or disbarred on New Jersey’s state government website.
  • Trial Experience
    You definitely want a lawyer who has been in the courtroom. Although many personal injury cases are settled out of court before they even go to trial, you never know how a particular case may play out. In addition to confidence in the court, you’ll want an attorney who also has a winning outcome in settlement negotiations.
  • Ask for Referrals
    Almost everyone knows someone who has used an attorney, so ask friends and family for a referral. Even if the person had a bad experience with a particular lawyer, that is also valuable information.
  • Interview Many Lawyers
    Talking to multiple lawyers can help you find the best match. Compare them based on their experience, costs, and office environment. Meeting with several lawyers will give you various legal options and a good idea of what your case might involve and your chances of success.

Additionally, you should consider finding a lawyer who you’ll feel comfortable with. You’ll want an attorney who makes your interests a priority and who will explain legal terminology and the process. The Law Office of Andrew Maze is committed to its clients and provides personalized service to each and every case.

  • Professional Office
    Preferably, your lawyer’s office should be organized with files properly stored. There should be processes in place for meeting deadlines, scheduling court dates, and other administrative tasks.
  • Work on Contingency
    Lawyers and lawsuits can be very expensive. If you’ve been injured and out of work, you probably can’t pay upfront. A reputable lawyer will work on contingency as opposed to an hourly rate. A common contingency rate will range from 25% to 40%. Preferably, your attorney will factor in their fee in the final settlement.

Ready, Set,…Sue!

A personal injury lawsuit can be a long and difficult journey for you and your family. Regaining your physical health, if ever, as well as your emotional and financial well-being is a slow process. A fair settlement will help with your bills, loss of wages, and expenses. That is why you need an attorney like Andrew Maze, who you can trust and who is committed to his clients’ success! 

This blog is not intended to give legal advice, but to inform the reader.

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